Wild Path Yoga T&Cs



A deposit of the pricing of one session is required at the time of booking. This will then be deducted from any package prices you have signed up for, should you wish to continue this.

Missed sessions are non-refundable or transferable. It may be possible to attend an alternative class, however this is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

Should you need to cancel the session or change the session, 24 hours notice is required.


Course and package session purchases:

24 hour notice is required should you need to cancel or change a booked session.

The session will be lost if the cancellation is within 24 hours of the session.

Packages purchased are non-refundable.   


I do not want to lose the sincere care I have to help you and so I will be understanding of any genuine sudden reasons for a session cancellation, so please be assured of this. I just ask that you communicate with me as soon as possible and respect the trusting nature of this.


If a session or course is cancelled by Wild Path Yoga I will endeavour to find a suitable alternative or issue a full refund.

​Please aim to arrive early to each class to allow time to check in and prepare for your practice. The class will start promptly at the specified time. To avoid disruption, late attendance is not permitted.



Although Wild Path Yoga is designed to cater for all abilities and experience levels, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are in good health before commencing a yoga course.

You understand that our teachers are not medically trained and so not qualified to give medical advice.


If you have any medical concerns, are suffering with an injury or medical condition, it is imperative that you seek advice from your GP or healthcare practitioner BEFORE attending a yoga class. If you have an injury or illness, there may be some yoga poses that need to be modified or avoided. Please seek advice from your Teacher before the class starts. It is your responsibility to notify the teacher of any injuries (new or ongoing) before every class. The postures and exercises given by the teacher are a guide only. Always work to your own ability and respect the limitations of your body.

If you are unsure whether you should start a course of physical exercise, please download and fill out the PAR-Q form below, which will highlight any medical conditions or physical inabilities that you should speak to your GP about and that the instructor at Wild Path Yoga may need to take into consideration during a session.

When following any online session you must still comply with all of the above. If you have any concerns before or after watching a session please speak to one of our instructors by getting in touch through details on the contact page. 


Your personal data will be held securely and will never knowingly be shared with a third party. Your data will be used respectfully, to communicate essential information relating to the class schedule.

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