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Wild Path Yoga

is about adventure, curiosity, fun and exploration 

Wild Path Yoga was established in 2019 with the aim to help guide people along their individual paths using tools such as movement, meditation, and occasionally stepping off the beaten track. 

We all have our own paths in life and if we can become attuned to our own energy and the energy of our surroundings we can learn many lessons to guide us along the way.

Yoga can benefit us not only physically, but emotionally too.  

I have been practicing yoga for many years, mainly Vinyasa and Hatha, and more recently exploring meditation and mindfulness. After falling in love with this practice I decided I wanted to introduce this to others.


I took my RYA 200hr teaching training in Nelson New Zealand. After a year of exploring this incredible country I came back to Hampshire where I gained a certificate in teaching yoga for kids, before making the move to Cornwall. 

I now offer classes in an around the Tamar Valley of Devon and Cornwall.

Let us take the path less traveled together!

 - Viki xx

Green Plants

There is much we can learn from nature. 

When we go into the forest we see disorder and chaos. We see life and death. Good and bad.

If we are still enough inside and our thoughts subside we may become aware that there is a hidden harmony, a higher order in which everything has its place.

Once we sense the sacredness of the forest we realise we are not separate from it, but part of it. 

Nature will help us align our own energies with the energies of the earth and universe.